ScoreUp® 信用建立者贷款

Establish or re-build a positive 信用记录 and score while saving.

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Our ScoreUp贷款 is here to help if you have no credit, little credit or may need some help improving your credit score. By making manageable monthly payments on-time, you’ll be establishing a positive 信用记录, 同时也增加了你的储蓄.1


  1. 申请贷款 amount with a manageable payment and keep your savings goal in mind. (Your loan amount will be the amount you’ll end up saving.)
  2. Choose how many 个月 you want to pay off the loan.
  3. Each payment builds your 信用记录 and your savings.
  4. 还清贷款后再拿你的钱. You can check your current credit score with one of the three credit bureaus.
  5. Apply for another ScoreUp贷款 if you want to do more to build your credit and grow your savings.



Apply with little or no 信用记录, no cosigner required


Choose a payment term that works for you to pay off the loan – from 6 to 36 个月


No fee to open or set up the loan and a fixed low  at 5.4月50%1


Loan proceeds are deposited into a ScoreUp 储蓄 Account and will be available when loan is paid in full2





最长24个月 $500 to $2,500 5.50
最长36个月 $2,501 to $5,000 5.50




    • Established 信用记录 is required and can be more difficult to qualify
    • 感兴趣 率s can be high without goodcredit
    • When your loan funds, the money is given to you
    • 在贷款还清之前,你要一直还款


    • 你不需要信用记录来获得资格
    • 利率很低
    • When your loan funds, you will not have immediate access to the money
    • You make monthly payments until the loan is paid off and then you have access to the money in your ScoreUp 储蓄 Account

    不,这是最棒的部分. The loan proceeds are placed into a Patelco ScoreUp 储蓄 Account and placed on hold at funding. 例如, 如果ScoreUp贷款的资金是500美元, a $500 ScoreUp 储蓄 Account will be opened with $500 on hold. Those funds will not be available for withdrawal until the loan is paid in full

    There are no fees: no late fees, origination fees, processing fees, or pre-payment penalties.

    汽车matic payments are required from a Patelco Account. You can use a checking, savings, or money market account.

    You can close your loan at any time, but you will not get all the credit building benefits. 有两种方法:

    1. Pay any remaining balance on the loan – and you will get the amount lent, plus interest.
    2. Choose not to make a payment and allow the Payment Assistance feature to kick-in to pay off the loan. No interest will accrue during the time of delinquency, and you will only receive whatever equity has been built in the loan.

    If a ScoreUp贷款 goes 25 days past the due date, the loan will automatically be closed and paid in full using the funds in the ScoreUp 储蓄 Account (interest will not be applied for that period). Any remaining funds from your ScoreUp 储蓄 Account will be transferred to your membership savings account. This helps ensure that your credit isn’t impacted by the delinquency.


在Patelco, we put your financial wellbeing first and provide free financial coaching with a Patelco Certified Financial Specialist. Your financial specialist can help you create a personalized st率gy so you can feel in control of your money and track your progress.

It’s a great way to kickstart your ScoreUp plan today.

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Our ScoreUp贷款 is here to help if you have no credit, little credit or may need some help improving your credit score. By making manageable monthly payments on-time, you’ll be establishing a positive 信用记录, 同时也增加了你的储蓄.
By making manageable monthly payments on time, you’ll be establishing a positive 信用记录, 同时也增加了你的储蓄.

1 4月(年度百分比利率). All loans are subject to credit approval, restrictions apply, 率s are subject to change. 贷款利率5.2023年2月16日生效. Patelco offers a range of base 率s and discounts that depend on factors such as credit type, 信用记录, 贷款期限, 和Patelco的客户关系. Actual 率s are disclosed to approved applicants in writing prior to loan consummation. The ScoreUp savings account is used as collateral for your ScoreUp loan. As of 2/16/2023 the APY (Annual Percentage Yield) for of the ScoreUp savings account is 0.如有更改,恕不另行通知. 例如,如果你收到2500美元的贷款.00美元,利率5.50% with no origination fee and make 18 monthly payments of $145.你的财务费用是115美元.06, which would make your total repayment amount $2,615.06. 成功偿还贷款后, the balance in the ScoreUp savings account (which includes the interest earned) will be disbursed to the borrower. After 25 days delinquent the ScoreUp贷款 will automatically close and the funds in my pledged account will be applied to settle my loan.

2 汽车matic funds transfer from a Patelco checking, savings or money market account is required.